Chartist Chart

Overlapping bars on mobile

This example makes use of label interpolation and the seriesBarDistance property that allows you to make bars overlap over each other.

Stacked bar chart

You can also set your bar chart to stack the series bars on top of each other easily by using the stackBars property in your configuration.

Advanced Smil Animations

Chartist provides a simple API to animate the elements on the Chart using SMIL.

Animating a Donut with Svg.animate

Although it'd be also possible to achieve this animation with CSS, with some minor suboptimal things, here's an example of how to animate donut charts using Chartist.Svg.animate and SMIL.

Simple pie chart

A very simple pie chart with label interpolation to show percentage instead of the actual data series value.

Simple line chart

An example of a simple line chart with three series. You can edit this example in realtime.

Line Scatter Diagram

This advanced example uses a line chart to draw a scatter diagram. The data object is created with a functional style random mechanism.

Line chart with area

This chart uses the showArea option to draw line, dots but also an area shape. Use the low option to specify a fixed lower bound that will make the area expand.

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